Aesthetician Services

Your skin-care specialist can evaluate your skin type and personalize a protocol of treatments and products best suited for you and your lifestyle Your complete consultation includes discussing your needs and designing a comprehensive treatment program to meet your expectations.


Face & Neck – $110
Other Areas – Please ask for pricing

Microdermabrasion is a popular skin resurfacing procedure that removes the outer layer of the skin The procedure utilizes a fine, controlled spray of crystals to reveal younger looking, tighter and healthier skin underneath. Microdermabrasion is a safe procedure for all skin types and colors Many people will notice improvements in the texture and appearance of their skin immediately after the first treatment When used in conjunction with a specially designed skincare regimen, the procedure can make healthy skin a reality!


Brow – $17
Lip – $19
Chin – $15
Underarm – $22
Arm – $39
Full Arm – $50
Bikini – $50
Back/Chest – $50


Lash – $28
Brow – $17

Tinting is recommended for those with light colored lashes and brows The treatment provides a natural look and comfort benefit of not needing mascara every day. This can be performed as often as every two weeks.

Permanent Make Up

Eye Liner Upper – $150
Eye Liner Lower – $150
Eye Liner Upper and Lower – $300
Eye Brows – $300
Skin Planing – $83

This procedure uses a straightedge razor to remove facial hair.

Chemical Peels

PCA Peel – $110
Other – Please ask for pricing

The PCA peel uses a standard Jessner formula incorporating lightening agents An excellent choice for those concerned about the aged appearance of hands and chest area. This light-depth peel can be performed as often as every two weeks.

Pumpkin Peel – $110

The Pumpkin peel is a powerful antioxidant keratolytic treatment and may serve as an alternate between other peels and therapeutic treatments The herbal blend of over 130 nutrients supports toning and the aromatherapy aspect (smells like homemade pumpkin pie) is soothing and relaxing. This light-depth peel can be performed as often as every two weeks.

Vitalize Peel – $121

The unique blend of Retinoic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy acids, Resorcinol and other active cosmeceutical ingredients creates one of the safest and strongest superficial medical peels This peel can only be performed by a licensed medical aesthetician and is recommended as a great way to jump-start a healthy skin-care routine. This mid-depth peel can be performed as often as every two to four weeks.

Ultra Peel I and/or II – $110

The Ultra Peel exfoliates, lightens, tightens and brightens without irritation or burning The peel is excellent for anaciac, aging, dehydrated and menopausal skin There is no visible peeling with the Ultra Peel I and only mild peeling with the Ultra Peel II. This light-depth peel can be performed as often as every two weeks.

Obagi Blue Peel – $150/layer

The Obagi Blue Peel incorporates a concentration of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base The peel removes the visible layer of aged and damaged skin Your aesthetician monitors the appropriate depth and has specialized training and experience with this highly effective peel. This mid-depth peel can be performed as often as every six weeks.

Laser Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation – Treatment targets the vascular (redness) and the pigmented lesions (dark spots) in the skin.

Skin Tightening – Treatment stimulates long-term collagen synthesis as well as the tightening of existing collagen fibers.

Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Full Face – $220
Face and Neck – $275
Hands – $110
Arms – $110
Cheeks – $100
Spots – $55

Because each Laser Facial treatment is gentle, most patients require 5-6 Laser Facial Rejuvenation treatments to see the desired results The treatments are performed every three weeks For certain skin types, a microdermabrasion is performed between the Laser Facial treatment to enhance the penetration of the laser’s energy.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Upper Lip – $138
Upper Lip and Chin – $165
Chin – $138
Sideburns and Chin – $165
Under Arm – $138
Bikini – $220
Full Back – $550
Legs Full – $440
Legs Half – $220

Hair removal requires a minimum of six to eight treatments every six to eight weeks apart.

Physician Services

Injectable Services

Botox®, Dysport®
Please ask about pricing, specials and our loyalty program.

Injectable product used to smooth the wrinkles between the eyebrows (glabella), forehead and crows feet.

Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm® Radiesse®
Please ask about pricing, specials and our loyalty program.

Hyaluronic acid injectable “filler” used for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds These products are excellent options for treatment of: nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smile lines, thin lips and other areas of the face

Latisse® – $132/3ml or $193/5ml

Is a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker.

Laser Facial Resurfacing (by physician)

One Treatment – $750
Two Treatments – $1,400
Three Treatments – $2,000
Four Treatments – $2,500

Prices are good if treatments are completed within one year.

The skin is composed of several different layers The inner layer of the skin contains collagen and elastin which helps support the structure of the skin Environmental forces like sun, pollution, etc cause the skin to age more rapidly.

The laser provides tissue tightening, improvement in the skin texture and wrinkle reduction Each pulse of the laser delivers a column of energy that can reach the inner layer of the skin and stimulates the body’s production of collagen The overall result is a natural healthy, smooth appearance to the skin Depending on the condition of the patient’s skin, one may need a series of treatments.