Benefits of Waxing: Look Your Best for Summer

Benefits of Waxing: Look Your Best for Summer

Trish Welch, L.E. AestheticianIt’s the time of year for tank tops, shorts, sundresses and bathing suits — clothes that not only keep us cool during the summer but make us feel great wearing them. You want to show off the toned body you’ve worked so hard for at the gym through the winter, but the last thing you want is to slip on that tank top and be embarrassed with underarm hair..

Women in America spend an average of 72 days over the course of a lifetime shaving, in addition to the thousands of dollars spent on razors, creams and other products. Why waste your time on something that only lasts a few days? Penta Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers high-quality waxing services done by professional aestheticians that can get you the look you want and keep you from having to shave for weeks at a time.

How it Works

Waxing for hair removal is a simple procedure. The wax is applied to an area then removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, which not only pulls hair out from the roots but also helps prevent ingrown hairs. We usually recommend some growth in order for the procedure to be effective, at least 1/4 of an inch. This is because there needs to be something for the wax to grab on to.

It’s best to avoid drinking alcohol before coming in for a waxing treatment. Many people think alcohol will make them relax, but in reality the alcohol can cause pores to tighten which increases your sensitivity. Caffeinated beverages can also increase your skin’s sensitivity to pain.

Benefits of Waxing

· Smooth skin for two to six weeks, with most people averaging about three weeks

· Save time. Waxing is more efficient than shaving in the long-term, and short-term you’ll appreciate not having hair removal as part of your daily beauty routine.

· Waxing also removes dead skin cells, so exfoliating your skin is an added benefit to waxing.

· Unlike laser hair removal, there’s no restriction on being out in the sun before or after waxing.

· Avoid the redness and bumps of razor burn.

If you’re thinking about waxing as a way to achieve beautiful, smooth skin for the summer, consider calling our aestheticians at Penta Facial Plastic Surgery Center at (336) 768-3361. We use top quality products to help ensure you have a great experience, and offer a full range of services including brow, lip, chin, underarm, arm and back.