Can’t Breathe Through Your Nose?

Can’t Breathe Through Your Nose?

Dr. W. Cooper Scurry, Jr.Many of us would agree that one of the things we love most about living in the state of North Carolina is also one of the most frustrating. Our beautiful, four seasons mean we get to enjoy a snow fall once in a while, bright-colored leaves in the fall, warm weather for outdoor activities in the summer, and of course, gorgeous blooms of dogwood, azaleas and other flowers in the spring. But those fall leaves, and especially the spring flowers, bring with them pollen and mold that cause allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, and worst of all, trouble breathing.

Reaching to the medicine cabinet for an antihistamine might curb symptoms temporarily, but you know from experience they’ll come back. If you’re fed up with nose sprays and tablets, it might be time to think about a surgical option. Here at Penta Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer the Latera implant as an option for nasal obstruction surgery. This procedure is relatively simple, as the implant is inserted to provide support at the upper lateral cartilage, helping reduce nasal airway obstruction symptoms and allowing you to breathe more freely. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, and the implant dissolves and is absorbed over 18 months.

Wondering if Latera is right for you? Answer the following questions to see if you’re showing symptoms of nasal obstruction.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rank your conditions over the past month?

1. Nasal congestion or stuffiness
2. Nasal blockage or obstruction
3. Trouble breathing through my nose
4. Trouble sleeping
5. Unable to get enough air through my nose during exercise or exertion

If you’ve answered 3-5 on any of these, you have a moderate to severe problem with nasal obstruction. Call us at Penta Facial Plastic Surgery at 336-768- 3361 for a consultation. We can have you breathing better soon, so you can enjoy all the beauty our North Carolina spring has to offer.