Get Your Skin Looking its Best: The Role of an Aestheticia

Get Your Skin Looking its Best: The Role of an Aestheticia

pentaIt’s an almost universal dream — people want to look as young on the outside as the feel on the inside. One of the secrets to looking young is having skin that is glowing and wrinkle-free. The good news is you don’t have to be 15 years old to enjoy the benefits of healthy skin. A good skin care regimen, taking some simple steps to minimize wrinkles and avoiding sun exposure all work together to help you achieve the healthy, younger looking skin you deserve at any age.

Aestheticians can help when looking to improve your skin’s appearance and learn more about an appropriate skin care routine for your skin. Here at PENTA Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we are proud to have Trish Welch, LE, as part of our team. Trish is a licensed aesthetician with the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners and can perform many services for our clients.

What do aestheticians do?

In order to become licensed, you must go through a training program and pass the required exams. This training gives aestheticians the knowledge and expertise to provide a skin analysis that can be used to recommend skin care products and processes. Aestheticians are also able to perform procedures including:

· Facials
· Microdermabrasion
· Chemical peels
· Permanent make-up
· Laser resurfacing
· Laser hair removal
· Micro-needling

Should I see an aesthetician or a dermatologist?

There is often some confusion around whether to go to an aesthetician or a dermatologist for matters involving the skin. While both professions address skin care issues and perform treatments, the choice of which to visit depends more on what your issues are at the time.

Dermatologists are medical doctors who can write prescriptions and treat skin disorders. These professionals are who you should visit when you have a spot on your skin that has changed or grown, if you have a cyst or something that needs to be removed, if you’re dealing with skin cancer or things like eczema or any other skin disorders.

Aestheticians can help you navigate the crowded world of skin treatments and anti-aging products to help you find the right ones for your skin type. At PENTA Facial Plastic Surgery Center we have a variety of lines of make-up and skin products that Trish can explain and teach you how to apply at home to help you look your best.

Aestheticians are trained in skin wellness. When you visit an aesthetician, you’re enveloped in a relaxing atmosphere of tranquility rather than a medical procedure done in an examination room. When you schedule an appointment with our aesthetician for one of the various procedures offered, you’ll leave feeling relaxed and more confident in your appearance. Call (336) 768-3361 today to schedule an appointment for a consultation and find out what we can do for you