Keeping the Signs of Aging at Bay in your 40s

Keeping the Signs of Aging at Bay in your 40s

pentaIt seems like it wasn’t that long ago people were saying 60 is the new 50. If that’s true, then 40 is the new 30. Look around when you drop your kids off at school and you’ll see why. More women are postponing kids and families for education and careers, which means we’re in our 40s when we’re dropping our kids off at middle school and signing up for the sports booster clubs. And we feel like we’re still in our 30s, leading active lifestyles and enjoying going out on the town or hanging out at amusement parks with our kids just like we did in our 30s. So why let a few wrinkles get you down and make you look older than you feel?

Signs of Aging in our 40s
Last month we wrote about the signs of aging in our 30s. That’s when things start to droop a little and fine lines and wrinkles appear. But if it seems like your body took a fast track to aging once you reached your 40s, you’re not wrong. In this decade we see more dramatic changes in our skin, especially in terms of loss of elasticity. This is due in part to lower estrogen levels, and a decrease in subcutaneous fat. Because the loss of subcutaneous fat doesn’t necessarily happen equally in all parts of the face, often occurring first in the middle of your face and at your temples, rather than just looking like you’re getting thinner it looks more like your face is deflating. Sort of that limp, stretched-out appearance a balloon gets when it starts losing its helium. In addition to the skin tone changes, you will also notice drier skin, which also leads to more wrinkles. You might even find your nose starts to droop downward a little due to lack of support.

Tips to Reverse the Signs of Aging
Luckily there are some things you can do to slow down the aging process, or even reverse some of what has already occurred.
— Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices. Drinking lots of water, regular exercise, getting good sleep and eating a balanced diet low in sugar are all ways not only to stay healthy and energetic, but to keep your skin looking its best. Staying hydrated is a natural way to boost the fullness in your skin. Also, we all know that stress can add years to your looks, from wrinkles to gray hair, and what better way to relieve stress than through regular exercise and a good night’s sleep?
— Wear Sunscreen. This was important in your 30s, and it’s important now. Choose a daily moisturizer or foundation that is SPF 30 or higher to  prevent wrinkles and brown spots.
— Step up your moisturizer. With decreasing estrogen levels leading to drier skin, a daily moisturizer is important. Choosing one that includes retinol will help boost the cell functions that slow down as we age. By increasing collagen production they help the skin look firmer and more
— Injections and Fillers. This is a time when Botox, Dysport, or dermal fillers really work well to reverse the aging process. These injections help soften fine lines and prevent the formation of deeper wrinkles.
— Facelifts. There’s a reason facelifts are becoming more popular for women in their 40s. These are a great way to reverse that deflated balloon look from sagging skin.

To learn more about available options to help look younger in your 40s, contact us, or call Penta Facial Plastic Surgery Center today at 336-768-3361 for a consultation.

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