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Can’t Breathe Through Your Nose?

Many of us would agree that one of the things we love most about living in the state of North Carolina is also one of the most frustrating. Our beautiful, four seasons mean we get to enjoy a snow fall once in a while, bright-colored leaves in the fall, warm weather for outdoor activities in the summer, and of course, gorgeous blooms of dogwood, azaleas and other flowers in the spring. But those fall leaves, and especially the spring flowers, bring with them pollen and mold that cause allergy symptoms …

Latera Implant: A New Option for Nasal Obstruction

Many of us take for granted the simple action of breathing. It’s something our bodies do every minute of the day without even having to think about it, starting with air freely flowing in through our noses to fill up our lungs, which then power our bodies for work and play. But for people suffering from nasal obstruction or nasal valve collapse, that simple act of breathing becomes a challenge. Penta Facial Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer a new procedure, the Latera implant by Spirox, that …

Will Nose Surgery Cure My Snoring?

“My spouse snores all night and I can’t get any sleep! Can you help us?” We get this request often. And the answer to that question is maybe we can help. Snoring is a symptom that many people with a deviated septum will exhibit, and here’s why. The septum is the cartilage that divides the two halves of your nasal cavity. About 80 percent of people have septums that are off-center, but most don’t exhibit symptoms. If your septum is crooked to a significant degree, you can have symptoms including: …

Nasal Surgery Can: Improve Function, Change Appearance

By Cooper Scurry, M.D. In People magazine there are often pictures of movie stars who have had appearance-changing nasal surgery. In addition, many people are familiar with the phrase: ‘deviated septum,’ though most people may be unsure of its definition. Certainly there are many kinds of nasal surgery, and each has its own goal, process, and outcome. While nasal surgery can be performed solely to change the appearance of a nose, nasal surgery is often performed to improve the function …
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