Try Out the Ageless App

Try Out the Ageless App

pentaWouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to know what you will look like after a cosmetic procedure? For many people considering cosmetic surgery or procedures, the uncertainty of knowing exactly how their appearance will change is what keeps them from moving forward with the process. That’s one reason why before and after photographs are important. We post some them on our website, display them in our office, and show them when doing consultations. But even with all of those examples, it’s still other people that you are looking at, not yourself.

Now there’s a way to see how a few select cosmetic procedures will change your own appearance, thanks to the Ageless mobile app created by Galderma. This program, available for iPhones on the AppStore, allows you to upload a photo and see for yourself what different treatments will do. The 3D Treatment Visualizer allows you to smooth away wrinkles, enhance your lips, or add volume and fullness to your look. Another fun feature is the Aging Simulator. Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where the actor plays a character who ages, and wondered what it would be like to know how you will look in a few years, or even more? The Aging Simulator uses your uploaded photo to show how your face will change over time. Armed with that knowledge, you can decide which treatments might be best for you to counteract some of the effects of aging and keep your youthful look as long as possible.

The app also includes educational videos and information to help you learn more about the options available from Galderma, many of which are available here in our offices at Penta Facial Plastic Surgery. And once you decide to do a treatment, you can use the app to track your appointments and progress.

The more you know about your procedure before going into it the better off you are. We’re excited about the availability of this app and the help it will bring to people as they consider cosmetic surgery and procedures.

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