What Is Permanent Makeup?

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Trish Welch, L.E.Permanent Makeup Questions – Answered by Trish Welch, Penta Facial Plastic Surgery Center Licensed Aesthetician

What is permanent makeup?
– It is actually tattooing ink into either the brows or upper and lower eye liner.

What are the benefits, why would I want this?
– You will not have to deal with putting brow pencil on every morning. And eyeliner enhances the eyes if you choose the permanent eyeliner you wake up looking your best every day.

How long does it take?
– First we have a 20-30 minute consult to determine what will look best on you. Then you come back for about an hour and a half and you are finished.

Will I be numbed for the procedure? How painful is it?
– Yes you will be numb. I use a topical numbing cream. Every patient is different and you will feel it. Most patients say it is not too painful.

Who would be a good candidate for this procedure?
– Anyone is a good candidate. Especially those with thinning brows – or someone who likes eyeliner to better define their eyes. We have also had several patients who have lost their brows because of medical issues and they are thrilled with the results.

How long does it last?
– It lasts about 5-10 years

How much does it cost?
– Brows are $350 and Upper liner is $165 and lower liner is $165.

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